Derby Uni students ask – and I answer.

Just had an exciting lunchtime – and early afternoon tweeting answers to Derby Uni students’ questions.

For the NUS it’s the start of the General Election campaign.  Derby has been the guinea pig university for what I gather will be weekly question and answer sessions for a university constituency somewhere in the country.

Hopefully this will inspire more people to take an interest in politics, and be a bit more informed about what the political parties and candidates believe for May 2015.

For the record, here is the full list of questions and my answers.

  1. What does a new deal for the next generation look like?@lucycare #7millionVoice#pmqs

Opportunity for all. Pupil premium, free school meals, more apprenticeships, more jobs, care for environment

  1. Do you think tuition fees should be reduced or abolished altogether?@lucycare #7millionVoice#pmqs

Grad tax better, but current system as fair as poss. Don’t pay upfront and only pay when earning >£21k

3.  The NHS is under threat – how will you help?@lucycare #7millionVoice#pmqs

Put £1bn extra into NHS pa, protect the NHS budget & bring mental health in line with physical healthcare

  1. What can you do to tackle youth unemployment?@lucycare#7millionVoice#pmqs

Earlier careers advice, make more jobs & apprentices. In Gov @LibDems have helped make 1.8m jobs

  1. What is your role in good community/campus relations?@lucycare#7millionVoice#pmqs

Have dealt with parking issues, encourage greener options likes walk/cycle/bus. Also recycling & landlords. Let me know your issues.

  1. Derby North has a large manufacturing tradition. How will you help apprentices?@lucycare #7millionVoice#pmqs

Since 2010 @LibDems have enabled 1.8m apprentices  Can do even more. I’m an engineer: vocational important.

  1. What steps are you taking to encourage young people to engage with politics and vote?@lucycare #7millionVoice#pmqs

I’ve visited schools & support their councils, taken part in uni debates, been on stalls. @LibDems support votes for 16 & 17 yr olds.

  1. Will you repeal the bedroom tax?@lucycare#7millionVoice#pmqs

Reform not repeal. Needs to be fair for tenant & tax payer & make better use of housing:

  1. How will you address welfare reform issues that impact the disabled?@lucycare #7millionVoice#pmqs

Welfare issues big concern for @LDConf. Better evidence of capability needed & fewer sanctions.  Details:

10.  What can you do for the night time economy in Derby?@lucycare#7millionvoices#pmqs

Bars, clubs, theatre, policing, street pastors… Different people want different things from nightime Derby.  What do you want?

Do let me have any comments here, if you wish.


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