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Irresponsible, short-sighted but consistent

Last week I did a day of motorway driving – taking our youngest to Exeter for the start of his university career.  The M5 was not too busy, and the traffic flowed easily.  However there was still bad driving. My … Continue reading

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Making progress on combating climate change?

We’ve come a long way since 2006 and the launch of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the documentary film fronted by former US vice-president Al Gore, explaining the reality of climate change.  Despite the nay-sayers, the scientific evidence is irreputable – and still inconvenient. … Continue reading

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There have been developments to several of the articles over the last few weeks and I thought a quick update could cover them together… The Government has reviewed the situation on the Gay Blood Ban, and relaxed it a bit.  … Continue reading

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Our economy… and the global one.

Yesterday’s news was full of gloomy predictions of virtually no economic growth both globally and within the UK. Commentators, and ‘experts’ alike seemed at a loss to know why this is happening, especially when countries like the UK are following … Continue reading

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