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Wearing Theresa May’s shoes…

Print PageImagine if last summer you were in Theresa May’s shoes; you’d just inherited a party and country that had voted to Leave the EU, while you had (reluctantly?) voted to Remain. Setting aside your own preferences, but remembering that … Continue reading

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Imagineering. Where is travel going?

Print PageBy the end of this year there may be the first driverless cars on our roads.  Not science fiction, but science fact.  We already have unmanned planes in our skies – drones.  How soon will these be combine to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Cold Callers

Print PageI’ve never worked in a call centre.  Neither do I want to.  How many of those currently working in one actually want to be there? As I see it, there are two types of call centre; ones I call … Continue reading

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Nightmare memories

Print PageLast week I was very privileged to hear first hand from someone who saw something of the horror of Belsen at the end of the Second World War. As a rebellious teenager, Barbara (not her real name) had joined … Continue reading

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