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Take confidence away with you!

“Take away with you the confidence that we have the answer” was Ann Pettifor’s message to attendees at the event I was at yesterday.  The day conference in Derby was about building an economy which works for the majority rather than the minority.  Ann was the driving force … Continue reading

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Peak oil – where are we now?

Earlier this week George Monbiot wrote a piece in The Guardian entitled “We were wrong on peak oil – there’s enough to fry us all”.  I read it, and thought ‘you’ve just not got the point!’ The point that peak oil advocates make … Continue reading

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Our economy… and the global one.

Yesterday’s news was full of gloomy predictions of virtually no economic growth both globally and within the UK. Commentators, and ‘experts’ alike seemed at a loss to know why this is happening, especially when countries like the UK are following … Continue reading

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Planning ahead

For a long time it’s worried me how many people plan for today and expect tomorrow to be much the same.  But life isn’t always like that and some trends one can anticipate and prepare for. It was with that in … Continue reading

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