Planning ahead

For a long time it’s worried me how many people plan for today and expect tomorrow to be much the same.  But life isn’t always like that and some trends one can anticipate and prepare for.

It was with that in mind that I wrote the piece on “A Sustainable Future for the UK – Pressures, Steps and Priorities” which is under ‘pages’ on the homepage.  I sent it off to several Lib Dems for their comments, before considering whether to circulate it more widely.  Within an hour, I’d had an email and a phonecall, from other people, asking me to speak at Saturday’s Social Liberal Forum Conference.

OK, it was to fill in for someone who’d had to pull out.  And the organisers were looking to improve their gender balance!  But still I saw it as an opportunity, and I reorganised my own day to go.  Indeed I’d half thought of going as a delegate, and now I could go without paying!

Have a read of this piece, and let me know what you think – and more importantly, what the government (local and national, and of any colour) should be doing in response to these pressures.

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