What to do with an old piano?

The team from Padley moving the piano into their van.

If you’ve been to St Pancras International railway station, you may have heard someone playing a piano.  For the last year or longer there have been at least one, sometimes two, provided for anyone to play.

I’ve been impressed at how often there is someone willing to demonstrate their skill for the pleasure of others!

When the the Quaker Meeting in Derby was offered a newer-to-them piano, their older one needed a new home.  Was there a similar location here where members of the public might entertain their fellows?  I asked around.

Sadly neither the train station nor bus station here felt they had a suitable location, and nor did Quad.  I approached the Padley Centre, not knowing whether they already had such an instrument at their homeless hostel.

Padley were interested – but for their training centre in Normanton.  And this is where the piano now resides – giving an opportunity to make music to a new group of people.

If Padley hadn’t wanted it, where might I have offered it next?  Probably to the ‘Freecycle’ website, or Derby equivalent ‘Freegle‘.

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