Mackworth ward recycling report completed

Stanley Street – nearly free of bins.

Note: For background information see my previous item, or read the report, referenced below.

Over 270 recycling surveys were collected from the New Zealand area of Mackworth ward by volunteers for Derby Climate Coalition whom I co-ordinated.  The surveys have now been sorted and thumbed through many times.  To have all this information entered on a computer and the data available at the press of a few buttons would be lovely, but we’ve still been able to pull out some really interesting statistics about what people think about recycling.  Thank you to everyone who completed and returned a form.

The headline is that people in this area support recycling.

More than 250 people returned survey forms, about 150 from rented properties and 100 from home owners. In both groups close to 2 out of 3 households don’t want the council to scrap blue recycling bins and return to just black bins. A further 1 in 10 had no opinion.

People who rent their home were significantly more likely to be unable to store their bins off the street – about 1 in 7. Only 1 in 18 home owners were in this situation.

The full report is online, here.  Do take a read – it’s already been referenced on two online news websites, Let’s Recycle and Resource, and been in the Derby Telegraph.

It’s good to be making news!

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