Positive news on the station footbridge

I’ve previously commented on the challenge of gating station footbridges and reported that East Midlands Trains had broken their agreement with Derby City Council over the station footbridge by charging for pass cards.  I then reported on my survey of current users.  I had sent the report of my survey to both the Council and East Midlands Trains…

This week I had good news from the Council’s Director of Regeneration with whom I had been corresponding about the Agreement; EMT are going to comply with the Agreement, and stop charging for pass cards, unless someone needs a replacement when the agreed £5 charge will be applied. 

EMT are also going to trial using not the ITSO-compatible cards, as originally specified, but rail style tickets.  These work OK for annual season ticket holders, so hopefully will have sufficient longevity for this purpose too.  This trial is due to start this autumn with Derby College, and all students should be provided with a pass ticket.  This has the added advantage of advertising the availability of this route to all students.

In addition, EMT have agreed to put up signs saying that the bridge is open for the public to use during their opening hours.

So, all in all, this is better news than I had feared when I hurried out to do my users survey in July.  It will be interesting to see how the pilot goes, and we also await the impact of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund project on usage.

Thank you, Council and EMT, so far…

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