So they are real!

Credit and debit card fraud is something that everyone is reminded of again and again.  We’re told to be careful online…  at the ‘hole in the wall’…   on the phone…  when you pay in a shop…

Is it all blown up out of proportion?  Are there really people around every corner trying to diddle us out of our cash? 

Every now and then one hears about someone’s close shave – or downright misfortune. 

One of those second hand events happened for me this week – actually a third hand event.

One of my husband’s colleagues returned to work in the evening, having been back to the nearby ATM he’d used earlier in the day.  Something had been niggling at the back of his mind, and he went back to check it out.  On that second inspection he confirmed that it had been tampered with.  The bank was closed, so he prised the extra assembly off the unit himself.

The professional looking unit was designed to read the data from each card legitimately put into the unit – before it got to the proper reader.  He reported it to the police and sent his colleagues a warning to watch out for unaccounted transactions on their accounts.

So whether you live in Derby or elsewhere – please keep your eyes peeled!

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