Bombardier Poster shows business support

The new "Save Bombardier" poster, highlighting the importance of keeping train-building in the UK.

The new "Save Bombardier" poster, highlighting the importance of keeping train-building in the UK.

Yesterday I took examples of a new poster down to the Derby Telegraph offices.  It was designed and printed in Derby in by local businesses to support the campaign to keep train-building in Derby and the UK.

It feels very difficult, if not impossible now, to stop the current round of job losses from Bombardier.  Many of the people who are going were contractors, and anyone who knows their job is on the line will be concentrating on looking for other employment, not battling with the bureaocracy of government procurement!

It is natural for people to concentrate on their own and their family/households needs at such times.  My household has suffered redundancies in the past, and has had worries about job security more recently, so I write from personal experience.

But for Derby the issue is different.  Take a major player out of the industrial scene, and the cold winds rush in, as orders to a multitude of smaller firms shrink or dry up.  And it’s not just direct suppliers to Bombardier, it’s also the companies that they use, and the businesses that they use, on down the line.

Small businesses all across Derby are feeling this uncertainty – and will already be impacted by the loss of jobs from Egg and the Royal Mail.  Derby has been successful in getting £40million over 3 years to invest in new jobs, but they will come in over time, not be ready-made at the snap of someone’s fingers.

To me these posters are a wonderful example of  when businesses recognise how much they depend so much on each other.  The design and printing was donated to the Bombardier campaign by Silver Birch Creative and Purely Digital printers.   I’ve spoken to the bosses of both businesses to say “thank you” – and now say it again more publicly!

“Thank you both – it’s wonderful when people work together for a common cause!”

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