There have been developments to several of the articles over the last few weeks and I thought a quick update could cover them together…

  • The Government has reviewed the situation on the Gay Blood Ban, and relaxed it a bit.  I think there are still anomolies to sort out about HIV risk, but this is a good start.  Did the powers that be see how well our petition was going?
  • The Bombardier campaign is continuing with media interest in the 200 strong delegation to Westminster last week and on-going activities being planned.  For me the best news has been the imaginative thinking about the possibility of improving the versatility of existing rolling stock.  Long term railways need to become electric (as this is easier to make renewable that the quantity of diesel we’d need) and converting diesel locos to dual fuel makes good sense to me.
  • My amendment to Conference has been accepted by Conference Committee, and is not being opposed by the originator of the motion, which is good news.  I am quietly hopeful that it will get through.  This is a richness of Conference – representatives making policy.  Meanwhile I hope that too much Conference media coverage will not be taken up by procedural points on the NHS debate.  I was one of five Conference Committee members who voted to give reps the chance of having an emergency debate and vote, but nine voted to ensure the issue was raised with a definite debate, but no vote as a ‘topical issue’.
  • There is bad news on the cycling front with a threat to remove a cycle lane on Normanton Road to replace with car parking.  When there is ample on and off road car parking just a few feet away this seems a real retrograde step.  However, providing cycle parking along the edge of the pavement (like in many places in London) would get my support!


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