Recycling and Diversity!

Yesterday I was at the Derby Pride event, on the Lib Dem stall.  It was the first time that we’d had a stall there, and we felt well-received, with lots of people coming over – and only a few making comments about tuition fees!

We had two petitions for people to sign.  The first called on the Government to bring into law the Lib Dem policy on ‘Equal Marriage’ (as passed by Lib Dem Conference in 2010).  The second was in support of a motion going to Conference this September calling for ‘Science not Stigma’ by lifting the blanket ban on gay men ever being blood donors.  Both were popular, with people queuing to give their support.

Looking at the addresses of those who had signed, people had come from quite a wide area – across Derbyshire and into Staffordshire and Leicestershire.  Some commented that there was little evidence in the city centre itself of the event – few posters or direction signs – and this might have brought more people over.

When I had gone down to the event last year it had seemed busier, this this might have been due to the weather – it had been a hotter, sunnier day than yesterday.   Both events were relaxed and lazy, with Bass’s Recreation Ground full of people, many sitting around listening to the music. 

Last year I had been distressed at the amount of litter strewn around, and this year I’d come prepared to try and do something about it.

There were many black provided dustbins for litter, presumably by the Parks Department, but nothing to encourage recycling.  We had brought two more bins, and labels – for cans and for plastic bottles.  And we labelled our local black dustbin to say it was for landfill waste only.  We should also have had a bin for paper/card.

And the public were brilliant: We got plastic in our plastic bin.  Cans in our can bin – and neither of these in our local black bin!  Looking round there was still too much litter on the ground, but our patch was better than most – and no, we’d not gone round keeping it clean.  Perhaps labelling the bins made people think more about what they were doing, rather than just dropping what they didn’t want.

Maybe next time (or at our next outdoor stall event) we should have a petition asking the council to provide recycling facilities at parks events!

Litterbins Petition – sign it now!

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