Keeping our cheques

It is excellent news that the UK Payments Councils (which speaks for banks) has done a U-turn on its plan to scrap cheques in 2018.  They must have been listening to the thousands of people who had been signing petitions!

When this plan was first announced it seemed almost like an April Fool.  The cheque is such a useful tool for transfering money between people!  There seemed to have been no consideration about how Auntie Mary would let send birthday money to her nephew, or how any other similar casual payments between individuals would be managed is cheques are scrapped.

The Lib Dem campaign to save the cheque – initiated by Lib Dem MP David Ward and taken up by many local parties, including Derby’s – was really well received.  The time I devoted to stuffing envelopes, delivering leaflets and sorting returns was time well-spent!

However people shouldn’t be complacent.  There are already many bank accounts without cheque books.  It’s up to all of us to go on choosing to be able to use cheques, to ensure that they remain in use until there really is a viable alternative for all the transactions we want to make.

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