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Derby ideas help JCB

Print PageThis morning a road repair crew arrived at the top of my road to deal with a pothole collection.  The worst ones had been filled a few weeks ago, but the general deteriorating area was today’s task. This was … Continue reading

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Dealing with Cold Callers

Print PageI’ve never worked in a call centre.  Neither do I want to.  How many of those currently working in one actually want to be there? As I see it, there are two types of call centre; ones I call … Continue reading

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Nightmare memories

Print PageLast week I was very privileged to hear first hand from someone who saw something of the horror of Belsen at the end of the Second World War. As a rebellious teenager, Barbara (not her real name) had joined … Continue reading

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Derby Uni students ask – and I answer.

Print PageJust had an exciting lunchtime – and early afternoon tweeting answers to Derby Uni students’ questions. For the NUS it’s the start of the General Election campaign.  Derby has been the guinea pig university for what I gather will … Continue reading

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